Critical Care

The Critical Care portfolio within Paragon Care focuses on clinical solutions for Anaesthetists, Intensivists, Cardiac, Vascular and Pain Management specialists by providing innovative and novel technology at the point of care.

Cardiac (Critical Care)

REM SYSTEMS, a Paragon Care brand, distributes a range of ablation therapy systems and left atrial appendage occlusion devices for MAZE procedures. We also provide retractor options to enhance exposure during IMA harvesting as well as products for the removal of high levels of inflammatory mediators during CPB and certain oral anti-coagulation medication in acute cases.

Digital Theatre Integration (Critical Care)

Representing Wilhelm Integrated Solutions in New Zealand, Paragon Care offers high quality and innovating technology at competitive prices.

Wilhelm source products from all over the world, and ensure they are easy and intuitive to use. Our focus is creating the best working environment for clinicians enabling them to achieve better patient outcomes. REM SYSTEMS, a Paragon Care brand, and Wilhelm formed a partnership in 2020 to provide a total operating solution in New Zealand.

Enteral Feeding

Offering a complete range of oral nutrition and enteral feeding products standards to meet the needs of patients and Healthcare professionals. In support of the global ISO 80369-3 initiative, we offer a line of enteral syringes with an ENFit® connector that prevents misconnections or wrong-route administration, which can cause severe patient injury.

Infection Control

We give you peace of mind with innovative hospital disinfection products and consumables of the highest quality standards. 

Using the latest in UV-C technology, our products provide an additional layer of disinfection to lower pathogen bioburden levels and aid in the prevention of healthcare associated infection.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy made clean, safe and simple. We offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion and transfusion procedures in emergency, surgery, critical and intensive care units. Also available are products for general hospital IV therapy and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) procedures.

Pain Management

We recognise that anaesthesia plays a critical role in many treatments. We have you covered with an innovative range of anaesthesia delivery systems, needle guides and specialty covers to help reduce the risk of infection transmission.

POC Ultrasound

Partnered with BK Medical we bring you point-of-care ultrasound systems that push the boundaries of imaging technology.

Temperature Management

We can meet all of your temperature management needs with our range of Gentherm devices for managing patient body temperature in the operating room, recovery room, and neonatal intensive care units.