Critical Care Products and Temperature Management

Temperature management is an important aspect of critical care that can significantly impact patient morbidity. Whilst there is an optimal temperature at which our bodies operate, this can be affected by a range of factors including disease, injury and inflammation.

Clinicians and healthcare professionals depend upon a range of critical care products in order to manage and maintain the internal body temperature of their patients.

What is temperature management?

Temperature management — or thermoregulation — is a complex process that allows the body to maintain its core internal temperature . Natural thermoregulation is a vital component of homeostasis and promotes optimal functioning of all body systems.

Whilst humans have the ability to maintain their own internal temperature, this can be impeded by illness or injury. Often patients in a hospital setting require external assistance to maintain a safe internal temperature, preventing long-term damage to organs and reducing the risk of mortality.

Why is temperature management important in a critical care environment?

Disruption of thermoregulation is a common symptom of critical care patients and often has serious consequences.

Abnormal temperature — whether hypothermic or hyperpyrexic — can be an indicator of fever, infection or inflammation. Patients suffering from traumatic brain injury, cardiac arrest, sepsis and those in post-operative care often record extreme variations in internal temperature which can cause on-going complications.

Monitoring critical care patients for signs of shifting temperature is important, as is managing the rate at which temperature is manipulated and returned to an appropriate range. Patients who are warmed too quickly risk becoming exposed to a range of further complications including cerebral thermopooling, cerebral hypoxia and impaired cerebrovascular activity.

Monitoring, manipulation and regulation of internal temperature is therefore an important aspect of critical care, guiding clinicians with respect to appropriate and timely treatment options.

What products are used in critical care temperature management?

A critical care unit should be equipped with a range of products that can be used to monitor and stabilise a patient’s internal body temperature.

The first step in this process is measurement, which can be carried out via the mouth, the ear, the armpit or the rectum.

Beyond measurement, products used for temperature control are often external in nature. Cooling and warming blankets, gel pads and ice packs are harnessed in order to maintain stable body temperature and provide data and insight into fluctuations.

There are also devices available that are designed to control blood temperature, which is a critical action during cardiovascular procedures.

Paragon Care’s range of temperature management products

Paragon Care’s product range features devices designed to manage patient body temperature across a range of environments including the operating room, recovery room and neonatal intensive care units.

Our associated businesses — Scanmedics and REM SYSTEMS — are at the forefront of critical care products and are experts in the types of temperature management devices required by clinicians and medical professionals to ensure quality patient care.

An online product catalogue and specific product information can be accessed by healthcare professionals upon submitting a product information request on our website.

Paragon Care — leading provider of healthcare equipment

Beyond temperature management, Paragon Care has a comprehensive critical care portfolio, providing clinical solutions for anaesthetists, intensivists; cardiac, vascular and pain management specialists. Our devices, including POC Ultrasound systems, are complemented through an extensive range of products and consumables that cover infection control, pain management, infusion therapy and enteral feeding.

Our product line is backed by our dedicated support call centre, who are available both during and after the sales process to assist with any technical and product related issues.

Should you require critical care products, including those used to monitor, manipulate and regulate temperature, contact Paragon Care today.