With our extensive range, Paragon Care offers complete Urology solutions from high end ultrasound systems, shockwave therapy, lasers, and accessories for infection control through to interpretive reporting software.

As the Australian partner for BK Medical, who are market leaders in Urology, Surgery and Endo-Anal, Paragon Care offers solutions for all diagnostic and therapeutic imaging needs.

The Urology portfolio also includes Dornier MedTech Holmium Lasers and Shockwave therapy for stone management and select soft tissue interventions in Endourology, as well as the Aries II for erectile dysfunction.


We supply a range of urology consumables to support you in your cases including needle guides, covers, biopsy grids, and closed systems transfer devices for hazardous drugs.

CIVCO’s ultrasound probe covers, probe pre-cleaning and transport accessories, high-level disinfection systems and storage solutions are designed to protect patients by helping to prevent the transmission of infection.

Diagnostic Tools

Why wait on collection and pathology labs for blood chemistry results, treat patients as quickly as possible. Reduce your turnaround time with our point of care blood chemistry analyser. Gain results on site and make clinical decisions for positive patient outcomes quicker.

Our large range of single-use reagent discs make testing easy and reduces operator errors. You can perform the most commonly requested chemistry panels using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum, or plasma and get results in approximately 12 minutes.

Digital Theatre Integration (NZ only)

Representing Wilhelm Integrated Solutions in New Zealand, Paragon Care offers high quality and innovating technology at competitive prices.

Wilhelm source products from all over the world, and ensure they are easy and intuitive to use. Our focus is creating the best working environment for clinicians enabling them to achieve better patient outcomes. REM SYSTEMS, a Paragon Care brand, and Wilhelm formed a partnership in 2020 to provide a total operating solution in New Zealand.

Infection Control

We give you peace of mind with innovative hospital disinfection products and consumables of the highest quality standards.

Using the latest in UV-C technology, our products provide an additional layer of disinfection to lower pathogen bioburden levels and aid in the prevention of healthcare associated infection.


Contrelle is designed to help women suffering from bladder leaks due to stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and mixed urinary incontinence, where SUI is the main problem.


To learn more: click the link below

Contrelle | ParagonCare

Pain Management

We recognise that anaesthesia plays a critical role in many treatments. We have you covered with an innovative range of anaesthesia delivery systems, needle guides and specialty covers to help reduce the risk of infection transmission.

Lasers and Shockwave Therapy

Whether you are looking for multifunctional urology workstations, transportable lithotripters, convenient high-powered lasers or shock wave therapy, we have a solution to enhance clinical practice and enable better results for patients.


BK Ultrasound’s unparalleled image quality and extensive range of sterilisable transducers designed for urologists, ensures BK Ultrasound systems seamlessly integrate with MRI/Fusion, support robotic-assisted surgery, and bring advanced modes like elastography and contrast imaging to help quickly and confidently identify regions of interest.

Procedural Kits

Our knowledge of the industry has led to the creation of procedure specific kits for all areas, including surgery and theatre or for more specific requirements we can custom design and build kits.