Welcome to where passionate care meets professional innovation. REM SYSTEMS' vision is to enable you to improve the standard of animal healthcare through providing trusted leading-edge solutions. REM SYSTEMS believe in fostering true partnerships tailored to the needs of veterinarians, universities, research facilities and zoos. We supply leading edge technologies to keep you ahead of the rest in delivering best practice and high standards of care. We supply Point of Care Diagnostics, Therapeutic Lasers, Oncology delivery products, Centrifuges, Autoclaves, IV Lines and Fluid Therapy products, Wearable CRI Systems and IT Solutions (Telemedicine and Practice Management Systems).

Our veterinary team pride itself on living up to our promise of "Trusted. Tested. Respected." Their wealth of experience and knowledge ensures a superior level of support for the most specialised technical or product related challenges.

IV Lines & Fluid Therapy (Veterinary)

Infusion therapy made clean, safe and simple. We offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion. We also offer closed systems for cytotoxic drug delivery to minimise the health risks associated with the handling of hazardous agents.

Oncology Delivery (Veterinary)

Equashield is a completely airtight, leak-proof and user friendly Closed System Transfer Device which protects you and your staff from hazardous drug leaks, sprays or aerosols that can be created during drug preparation, administration and disposal.

Practice Management Software

REM SYSTEMS are proud to be distribution agents for CHS ICT's latest Practice Management System, PetBooqz. With outstanding features as standard, as well as hosting flexibility, PetBooqz offers you the complete package at a very competitive price.

  • Are you interested in cloud hosting? No problem!
  • Prefer local hosting so you're not worrying about a temperamental internet connection? No problem, we can do that too!

Have the best of both worlds, all while offering market-leading security features, reminder systems and an easy-to-use browser based interface.

Point-Of-Care Diagnostics (Veterinary)

Our range of veterinary point of care analysers offer outstanding diagnostic accuracy and reliability in a compact system that’s very easy to use.

Teleconsulting & Interconnectivity

Timeless Medical's platform allows general practitioners to connect with specialists and experts in a structured, detailed and professional manner.

  • Are you seeking to expand your abilities when handling tricky cases?
  • Keen to contact a specialist you've seen present at a conference?

With Timeless, you have access to a community that boosts your clinical confidence and improves patient care.

Therapeutic Lasers

Multi Radiance Medical Laser therapy provides accelerated pain relief and healing that is drug free, convenient and effective. It is suitable for equine, wildlife, companion animals and pets.

Veterinary Centrifuges

Designed with the busy veterinarian in mind, Centurions range of centrifuges offer competitive, good quality products that are simple to use.

Wearable Medical Infusion

Developed in the USA, the RxActuator is an exceptional device that now enables you to deliver medications over a sustained period reliably, predictably and safely. With no mechanical pumps used, the RxActuator is compact and light enough to be worn by patients, enabling you to administer up to 10mL of drugs over 48 hours, without worry of pumps or power failing, without the hassle of IV lines, and without the concern of transdermal medicines ending up where they shouldn't.