Paragon Care: Leading Figure Across Medical Device Companies

Medical equipment represents a sizable investment for any healthcare professional or organisation, from multiple perspectives. Purchasing high-quality products, devices and consumables is both a financial transaction and a vote of trust, on behalf of their patients, that equipment will function efficiently and effectively and contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.

Medical device companies of today face a healthcare industry that is growing in both scale and complexity and thus are required to adopt a multi-faceted approach to business. It is not enough to simply provide access to equipment. Healthcare providers operating across all medicinal settings require a broad range of solutions in order to meet growing industry and patient demand.

Paragon Care’s agile approach to the provision of equipment, devices and consumables is a contributing factor to their place as a leading industry supplier. Beyond sales, Paragon Care offers equipment repair, maintenance and total equipment management through Paragon Care Service & Technology. Covering healthcare across four strategic pillars and calling upon an ever-growing list of owned brands, Paragon Care’s combined scale and strategic vision allows us to provide advanced solutions to the issues facing healthcare professionals today.


Four-pillared approach

Much like any industry, the road to success for medical device companies is complex and cannot be boiled down to one simple formula. The medical device sector is driven by innovation and demand whilst also adhering strictly to the approval of regulatory bodies, resulting in a unique and intricate environment.

Paragon Care’s experience and scope allows us to envisage the impact of world-class technology and support, and act upon this in order to provide exceptional service within the medical device sector. Our vision is to provide advanced solutions to assist clinicians and physicians advance workflow processes, ultimately resulting in improved patient experiences and outcomes.

This vision requires a broad outlook and approach. Paragon Care’s business is based upon four strategic pillars, each playing an important role in achieving optimal healthcare outcomes.


Specialty Diagnostics

An integral component of the healthcare journey, diagnostics is often the first point at which a health professional (and patient) requires the use of specialty equipment. It is therefore crucial that diagnostic equipment is high-functioning and efficient, providing accurate results in the shortest time possible.

Paragon Care Diagnostics is one of our four strategic pillars and we provide high-quality, leading diagnostic solutions to a range of healthcare environments including Immunohematology, Pathological and Scientific Laboratories.

Our diagnostic portfolio is comprehensive, providing a range of equipment, reagents and services to assist medical professionals make informed decisions regarding patient condition and potential treatment options.


Specialty Device

Just as patients rely on medical professionals in order to provide high-quality treatment, clinicians rely on specialty devices and equipment to facilitate these healthcare solutions.

Paragon Care’s broad ensemble of owned brands ensures that we are well equipped to provide medical device solutions across a range of medical specialities. Our businesses include those who focus on everything from eye care (optometry and ophthalmic care) to orthopaedics (hip, knee and advanced surgical spine procedures), and we are proud to deliver innovative and high-quality medical device solutions to these fields.

Paragon Care’s partnership with REM SYSTEMS facilitates the production and distribution of vital neonatal equipment used for a range of purposes including brain monitoring, temperature tracking and breast milk tracking. REM SYSTEMS and Paragon Care understand that a specialised approach is needed for newborn care and are dedicated to developing devices in line with this philosophy.

Beyond REM SYSTEMS’ commitment to newborn and paediatric care, the brand also offers a wide range of devices to facilitate improved patient outcomes. Such products include Cytosorb — a whole blood absorber used to reduce excessive cytokine levels — and Equashield Closed System Transfer Device, an airtight, leak proof system for the safe transfer of hazardous drugs.

As demonstrated, Paragon Care’s businesses — including REM SYSTEMS — complement each other to provide wide scope of care without sacrificing specialty-oriented focus.


Capital and Consumables

Medical consumables, used typically on a day-to-day, disposable basis, are as vital as speciality equipment when it comes to providing well-rounded and effective healthcare.

Paragon Care understands that medical professionals rely on these products in order to facilitate procedures and post-surgery care. Our knowledge and experience have allowed us to create procedure specific kids for all areas including surgery, ophthalmology, gynaecology, heart and lung therapies, DNA testing and theatre. Our individual, client-based approach also means that we can design and build custom kits as is required.

Recognising that infection control is an increasing concern for healthcare professionals, we are proud of our comprehensive range of products designed to assist reduce the risk of pathogen contamination. Harnessing the latest in UV-C technology, our systems can eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms and pathogens. Our consumables such as surgical covers, ultrasound probe covers, needle guides, grids and drapes also play a significant role in infection prevention.

Improving patient outcomes relies on an expansive approach, taking into consideration all healthcare settings and circumstances. Our IV sets and accessories are designed to be used across a range of environments including alternate site care facilities, nursing homes and home care as well as amid emergency medical procedures, in hospital emergency rooms, surgical settings, critical and intensive care units.

Pain management is another essential element of healthcare and Paragon Care recognises that anaesthesia plays a critical role in ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of patients. Our product line includes a range of local anaesthetic delivery systems, needle guides and specialty covers to help reduce the risk of infection transmission.


Service and Technology

The responsibilities of medical device companies towards their clients does not cease once a product or device has been purchased. Rather, an on-going relationship is required to ensure that the customer is getting value for their investment and that the provider is able to provide the best assistance possible.

Paragon Care is there for our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset, providing product, system and application related services. Our Service and Technology pillar is a mainstay of our approach and the excellent customer care that we provide, in turn, plays a role in improved patient outcomes.

Our network of fully trained engineers across Australia and New Zealand are there to support the uptime and performance of your equipment and systems. Our team is trained to manufacturer certification and use only genuine manufacturer parts, ensuring that any repair work carried out is of the highest standard and quality.

We also offer an array of service contract options, allowing you to select an appropriate level of service that fits the clinical and financial needs of your healthcare setting.

Our dedicated support call centre is on hand to provide comprehensive assistance for product and technical issues both during the sales process and after an asset has been purchased.

Paragon Care’s well-rounded approach to healthcare solutions ensures that we are able to provide the best assistance possible to our customers and positions us as a leading figure amongst medical device companies. We understand the complex nature of the healthcare industry and believe our agile nature, combined with our scope and experience, enables us to provide world-class products and services for our clients.