An Overview of Medical Equipment Services

Medical equipment can be complex and the responsibilities of owning and operating medical devices extends far beyond the date of purchase. Equipment must be serviced and maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure that patient treatment is always delivered at a high standard, and medical professionals rely on the accurate functioning of devices to provide efficient and correct diagnosis.

The term medical equipment services is all encompassing, describing a variety of forms of repair, assistance and support. In order to maximise investment in medical equipment and to make certain that patient needs are met, it is important to ensure your equipment supplier provides quality, comprehensive and timely support.

Paragon Care supports its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset with product, system and application related services. Multiple service divisions provide an unparalleled advantage and allows Paragon Care to offer everything from equipment repair and maintenance to Total Equipment Management. With all work being carried out by fully trained engineers and to manufacturers certification, you can be assured that your needs will be comprehensively met.

Medical Equipment Repair

High-quality medical equipment repair is an integral aspect of a well-rounded service program. Patients often take for granted that the equipment used in a healthcare setting is efficient and functional, however this relies on a quality Technical Service program. Medical professionals cannot understate the degree to which they rely on operational devices in order to provide quality care and improve patient outcomes.

Paragon Care specialises in providing high-quality service and technology management throughout the healthcare sector. We are experienced in carrying out equipment repair across the Medical, Scientific, Aged Care and Allied Health industries and understand that providing fast response times is vital in order to support both patients and clinicians and as not to disrupt the smooth running of your healthcare environment.

All of our work is performed by fully trained engineers. We conduct repairs to manufacturers certification and use only genuine manufacturer parts, so you can be assured that your repaired device continues to function at the high standard that you expect.

Medical Equipment Maintenance

Well maintained equipment is crucial for the health and wellbeing of patients. Just as patients depend on medical professionals for complete and quality care, professionals depend on functional equipment in order to provide accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment plans.

Medical professionals understand that regular maintenance is key in order to increase equipment uptime and keep processes and procedures running smoothly — a view that is certainly shared by Paragon Care.

Additionally, regular maintenance plays an integral role in prolonging the life of an asset, allowing engineers to pick up on minor issues in a timely manner before they begin to affect the functionality of equipment.

Our experienced and capable service team are able to conduct specialist maintenance procedures, complying fully with Original Equipment Manufacturer standards and contributing to the reliable functioning of your healthcare environment.


Medical equipment services are not simply about the processes of repair and maintenance. In order to be assured of the security of your investment, it is important to align yourself with a company that provides comprehensive and appropriate contract options.

Service contracts provide an agreement between a contractor and customer, covering the maintenance of equipment over a specified period of time (similar to a warranty) and are a facet of medical equipment ownership that should not be overlooked.

An appropriately drawn up contract contributes greatly to the functioning and longevity of medical equipment. Contract-based maintenance ensures the stability and smooth functioning of your healthcare environment.

Paragon Care offers a broad portfolio of service contracts, that are both comprehensive in nature and individualised in order to address specific maintenance challenges and financial needs. Our extensive experience, knowledge and size allows us to work with you in order to design an appropriate level of service that meets your clinical, operational and financial goals.


Purchasing medical equipment is not always a simple task and often requires knowledge and understanding of speciality areas that extend beyond the healthcare industry. Whilst physicians and health professionals want to be assured of the physical capabilities of a piece of equipment, it is also important to keep in mind the ways in which you can protect yourself and your investment, from a legal perspective.

Warranty is an essential aspect of any asset purchase and plays an integral role in protecting the financial commitment that is made through the acquisition of medical equipment.

Paragon Care offers warranty work for our approved Original Equipment Manufacturer partners, providing you with professional, quality service and peace of mind.

Application and support

With the acquisition of medical equipment the buyer truly benefits from dedicated, knowledgeable customer service support.

Medical equipment can be technical in nature and given the multi-factored complexity of a healthcare environment, it’s important to know that you can rely on an equipment supplier to provide adequate support and assistance.

Paragon Care prides itself on the outstanding level of customer support offered during both the sales process as well as after sales support. Our growing experience and expert knowledge allow us to provide assistance on both technical and product related issues. Our team consists of experienced clinical application experts, engineers and support professionals and with a dedicated support call centre, you can be sure that we will be on hand to assist you with any form of enquiry.

Paragon Care understands that protecting your investment is a top concern of healthcare professionals, particularly as the quality and functioning of an asset has a direct impact on the quality of patient care. We are proud to support our customers from every angle, with an extensive range of medical equipment services to suit every need. Our dedicated personnel are with you every step of the way, providing quality repairs, maintaining the smooth running of equipment and playing our role in ensuring that you are able to deliver the highest levels of service and care to your patients