Improving Patient Outcomes Through Medical Equipment Services

The quality of healthcare has progressed at rapid speed over the past few decades, with innovative diagnostic tools and treatment options dramatically improving patient care and quality of life. Alongside these developments, a better understanding of the role of medical equipment services — including regular maintenance and timely repair — has resulted in equipment that not only lasts longer, but contributes to improved patient outcomes.

What are medical equipment services?

Medical equipment services is an umbrella term that can be used to describe an array of important product, system and application related services offered by medical equipment providers.

All types of equipment require regular servicing and maintenance to function at optimum capacity. This is particularly important for medical equipment, as clinicians rely on the diagnostic and operating capacities of these devices to treat patients.

The types of services that medical equipment providers typically offer include:

  • Medical equipment repair
  • Medical equipment maintenance
  • Contracts
  • Warranty
  • Application and support.

What is the relationship between patient outcomes and medical equipment services?

Clinicians and healthcare professionals utilise a range of devices to diagnose and treat their patients, from ultrasounds to ventilators. The wellbeing and outcome of a patient very much depends on the smooth and accurate functioning of this equipment.

For example, patients who enter intensive care are usually suffering from life-threatening conditions and require continual monitoring of their vital signs including oxygen levels, heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure. Without precise instrumentation, it is difficult for a clinician to understand how a patient is responding to treatment and identify the best course of action to improve their condition.

Regular maintenance and, where necessary, repair of medical equipment reduces the likelihood of medical workers making an incorrect decision that can have significant consequences.

What types of medical equipment services does Paragon Care offer?

Paragon Care offers a full range of medical equipment services to suit the needs of all healthcare professionals. We understand the importance of providing product, system and application services throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset and recognise the disruption that faulty or defective equipment can cause in a hospital or clinical environment.

Our services include:

Medical equipment repair: Repair of medical equipment should be undertaken quickly to reduce disruption to patients and treating clinicians. Paragon Care provides high quality support to the medical, scientific, aged care and allied health industries and are committed to providing on-site, effective repair services.

Medical equipment maintenance: Regular maintenance is one of the most important aspects of medical equipment services, increasing equipment uptime and ensuring that clinical processes run smoothly. Paragon Care’s service team conducts all maintenance in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards and uses only genuine approved parts.

Contracts: The clinical, operational and financial requirements of healthcare environments can differ greatly, depending on any number of factors including size and location. Paragon Care understands that offering a broad range of contract options allows our customers to access the equipment they require whilst meeting other logistical and operational obligations.

Warranty: Warranty provides peace of mind and additional assurance that your patients will benefit from the investment you have made in equipment. Paragon Care offers warranty work for approved OEM partners.

Application and support: The operational requirements and logistics behind purchasing medical equipment can be difficult to navigate which is why having access to a knowledgeable, professional service team is so important. Paragon Care’s dedicated support call centre provides customer support both during and after the sales process and are committed to assisting you through both product and technical related issues.

Why should you turn to Paragon Care for medical equipment services?

Paragon Care’s knowledge and breadth allows us to support our customers across all aspects of medical equipment services. Our experience has granted us unique insight into the relationship between equipment services and improved patient care. We are committed to providing seamless assistance so that you, in turn, can achieve optimal patient outcomes. Contact us today to find out more.