Turn to Paragon Care for Surgical Supplies in Australia

Surgery is an intricate and highly involved healthcare speciality which depends on the smooth functioning of equipment and adequate supply of a range of resources in order to ensure positive patient outcomes. Physicians and healthcare professionals depend on equipment in an operative capacity as well as a broad variety of products and consumables that contribute to patient care both pre and post-surgery.

Paragon Care and their associated surgical brands have an extensive history of providing surgical supplies in Australia. Our surgical division offers advanced equipment for a range of surgical procedures as well as consumables and supplies that work to reduce infection control, provide appropriate pain management and administer safe, clean intravenous therapy.

As with all our areas of speciality, Paragon Care’s dedicated support call centre remains on hand to provide assistance and advice as is required for all your surgical equipment and supply needs.


Healthcare professionals understand that a wide array of medical devices and equipment is required to diagnose a patient and provide appropriate treatment options. This is particularly true within a surgical setting, which calls upon intricate and innovative technology to assist with decision making and act in an operative capacity.

Paragon Care — in partnership with REM SYSTEMS — is dedicated to improving the outcomes of all surgical patients through the production of a range of equipment and systems. Cytosorb, Chalice oxygenators and a range of IV products (IV pumps, needleless IV connectors, and IV comprehensive minibore and microbore extension tubing) all play a valuable role in facilitating improved patient treatment and care within a surgical setting.

Paragon Care offers a full range of products that will greatly contribute to the ability to screen, diagnose and operate upon surgical patients — of all ages.

BK Ultrasound

For the past 40 years, Paragon Care has partnered with BK Medical in order to develop a range of ultrasound products that provide valuable assistance to surgeons and healthcare professionals.

BK Medical is committed to designing ultrasound systems that provide surgeons with an unparalleled ability to image and negotiate the complex human body, providing real-time guidance and enabling surgeons to make critical decisions in an efficient and informed manner.

The image quality of BK Medical’s surgical ultrasound range is second to none and include advanced modes such as elastography and contrast imaging which greatly contribute to the ability to effectively diagnose and treat patients.

BK Ultrasound, in partnership with Paragon Care, offers a full range of sterilisable transducers which are appropriate for a wide range of surgical procedures including neurology, hepatobiliary, renal, colorectal, vascular, laparoscopic and robotic operations.


Modern medicine has seen a considerable increase in the utilisation of lasers in surgical procedures, as they are seen to be less invasive than many other instruments. Lasers are typically used in the treatment of tumours and skin conditions, to help prevent blood loss and in eye surgeries.

Paragon Care understands the evolving requirements of medical professionals and are committed to providing innovative equipment solutions in order to enhance patient outcomes, demonstrated through our high-powered laser equipment range that includes, amongst other devices, multifunctional urology workstations and transportable lithotripters.

Infection control

Equipment is not the only important aspect of surgical supplies; infection control plays an equally crucial role in ensuring comprehensive patient care.

In order to prevent pathogens being passed from one person to another, a range of hospital disinfection products and consumables are available which can promote both patient care and peace of mind.

Paragon Care recognises the utmost importance of effective infection control within a surgical setting. By utilising the latest in innovative UV-C technology, our products provide increased protection against pathogen exchange and assist in the prevention of infection during and post-surgery.

Infection can occur at any stage of a surgical process and to combat this, Paragon Care has partnered with CIVCO Medical Solutions. With more than 35 years’ experience designing patient focused products, CIVCO are committed to making image-guided procedures (including ultrasounds) as safe as they can possibly be. Whilst CIVCO products are used across a wide range of medical specialities, they are experts in infection control and sterile processing within the surgical arena.

Pain management

Anaesthesia is a critical component of surgical procedures, alleviating patient pain and playing a valuable role in allowing surgeons to carry out a range of significant operations.

Paragon Care recognises the importance of pain management products and therapies, particularly within a surgical environment. We provide an innovative range of anaesthesia delivery systems, needle guides and speciality covers (which reduce the risk of infection transmission) and prioritise patient comfort as an on-going factor post-surgery recovery.

Temperature management

Temperature management is a significant facet of surgical care, whilst in the operating theatre and in pre and post-operative settings.

Paragon Care understands the need to manage body temperature in order to stabilise a patient and begin introducing treatment options as quickly as possible. Our range of products is suitable for use in the operating room, throughout recovery as well as in specialised ICU and neonatal intensive care units.

Procedural kits

Procedural kits are used across multiple healthcare settings for added convenience, efficiency and patient safety. With extensive knowledge and industry experience, Paragon Care is in an excellent position to create procedural kits for all situations including surgery, ophthalmology, gynaecology, heart and lung therapies.

We also have the capacity to design and build custom kits, should you require specialist products and consumables.

Support and assistance

Beyond the spheres of equipment, supplies and consumables, Paragon Care offer world-class support and assistance at every stage of the sales process.

With a dedicated support call centre, Paragon Care have a large team of experienced customer service professionals on-hand, ready to answer both technical and product related questions.

We pride ourselves on our level of knowledge regarding surgical supplies in Australia, as well as the high-quality products, equipment and consumables found in our surgical division.