Spotlight On: Oncology Delivery and Veterinary Equipment

Cancer — the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells — is a disease commonly associated with humans. It’s not well understood that wild and domesticated animals are just as prone to developing the condition as their human counterparts. By some estimates, up to one in three dogs in Australia will contract cancer in their lifetime, making the development and manufacture of oncology veterinary equipment a very important area of medical research.

A range of products can be used to ensure safe and effective cancer treatment. As a leading provider of veterinary equipment, Paragon Care, in association with REM SYSTEMS, can help practitioners treat very sick animals in a secure and hygienic manner.

Veterinary oncology explained

Oncology is a term used to describe the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Cancer affects a wide number of animal species, from domesticated cats and dogs to wild Tasmanian devils. There are some risk factors that increase an individual’s likelihood of developing cancer, including age and lifestyle — this is true for both animals and humans alike. Interestingly enough, some species of animals experience astoundingly low rates of cancer, that scientists believe could lead to the future development of innovative treatment options in humans.

The types of treatment used on animals are similar to that of humans and include both chemotherapy and radiation. Generally speaking, there are more specialised treatment therapies available to humans suffering from cancer than animals. This is largely due to contrasting levels of dedicated research and development.

However, veterinary scientists and medical researchers are constantly looking for new, safe and effective ways of helping animals who have been diagnosed with cancer. Veterinary oncology is an evolving and exciting field of research that promises to help all species of animals.

Equipment associated with animal oncology

While chemotherapy and radiation can be very effective in treating cancer, the drugs used in these therapies are not particularly safe for humans in a more general sense. Both patients and clinicians risk being exposed to hazardous drugs when preparing and administering treatments. Innovative veterinary equipment is designed to reduce this relative risk.

A closed system transfer device, for example, is a type of equipment that protects patients and clinicians from environmental hazards. These hazards operate in a dual sense; contaminants from the exterior environment can reduce the effectiveness of drugs while the drugs themselves (including sprays and aerosol leaks) can be quite dangerous to others working to prepare, administer and dispose of medication.

With that in mind, veterinary equipment associated with animal oncology often falls under the category of protective and disinfectant devices. To learn more about the capabilities of specific products, contact Paragon Care today.

Paragon Care — leading provider of veterinary equipment

Of course, Paragon Care’s range of veterinary equipment extends far beyond instruments, products, and devices used for oncology. In association with REM SYSTEMS, we are proud to be a comprehensive provider of high-quality equipment designed to meet the specialised needs of veterinarians.

Our product portfolio includes innovative devices, such as point of care analysers. POC systems make it incredibly easy for veterinarians to diagnose animals in remote and rural locations, meaning treatment can be administered in a far more efficient manner.

Treatment options suggested by veterinarians often include laser therapy. Therapeutic lasers can be used to increase blood flow, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote the natural healing process. Laser therapy is less invasive than other forms of treatment, with very few risks associated with the procedure.

In addition to the above mentioned products and equipment, Paragon Care also carries top-of-the-line centrifuges and infusion therapy consumables.

To learn more about our veterinary equipment product portfolio, contact our friendly customer service team today. Their experience and industry knowledge will enable them to impart tailored advice and recommendations.