Service and Support from Medical Device Companies

If you are looking to purchase medical equipment, one of your most important considerations should be the types of service offerings extended by providers. Medical devices are often a long-term investment and it is certainly worth putting in the time and effort to compare the equipment repair, maintenance and support options offered by medical device companies before making a final decision.

Why is regular servicing and maintenance important for medical devices?

All types of equipment — medical or otherwise — require regular servicing and maintenance to reduce the likelihood of untimely breakdowns. Routine maintenance also plays a valuable role in prolonging the lifespan of an asset.

Servicing is particularly important for medical devices as clinicians depend on the smooth functioning of equipment to diagnose and treat patients efficiently.

Medical equipment that is not functioning at optimum capacity may prevent healthcare professionals from providing the highest level of service. Faulty equipment may return incorrect information, result in longer waiting times and cause appointments to be cancelled — all of which can significantly impact a patient’s health and wellbeing.

Medical device companies understand the importance of equipment maintenance and many providers have dedicated service departments to assist their clients in this area.

What kind of service offerings should you look for in a medical device company?

Medical equipment is a substantial investment and requires long-term care to ensure on-going functionality. Whilst a provider may advertise equipment at a cheaper price, it is well worth doing your research to ensure that they are offering a full range of maintenance and repair services. This can include:


Following scheduled maintenance is a proactive measure that will significantly increase the lifespan of your asset. Maintenance provides an excellent opportunity for technicians to pick up on small technical issues that have the potential to turn into wide-ranging problems that affect the functionality of equipment.

Check to make sure that your equipment provider offers maintenance to Original Equipment Manufacturer standards and using certified parts.


No matter how well equipment is cared for, at some point you are likely to require the services of a repair technician. Equipment repair can be inconvenient, reducing the ability of clinicians to diagnose and treat patients and significantly increasing waiting times.

Ensure that your provider has a sizable, fully trained team of technicians that are able to provide fast and efficient on-site repair services.


Warranty is an essential aspect of equipment services that acts to protect your asset and investment.

This service offering can come in the form of manufacturer’s warranty, retailer’s warranty or extended warranty, depending on the channel through which you purchased the equipment.

It is always a good idea to check that your equipment provider offers an appropriate level of warranty — including the ability to extend, should you wish to further secure your equipment.

What kind of support does Paragon Care provide to their customers?

Paragon Care sets itself apart from other medical device companies through the support it provides to our customers, with comprehensive service and maintenance assistance for the entire lifecycle of an asset. Our multiple service divisions allows us to offer equipment maintenance, repair and Total Equipment Management for all your equipment servicing needs.

Our technicians are fully trained to manufacturer certification and use genuine manufacturer parts for all maintenance and repairs. Our dedicated call centre operators are available to provide during and after sales support, and are experts across both technical and product related issues.

If you are looking to purchase medical equipment, and consider maintenance, repair and comprehensive warranty options to be important factors in your decision-making process, contact Paragon Care today to discuss how we can assist you.