Procedural Kits: An Essential Medical Consumable

Medical consumables are products used by healthcare professionals on a daily basis to improve patient care. The provision of high quality consumables significantly streamlines the clinical process, decreasing procedure time and reducing the risk of infection.

Procedural kits are an invaluable healthcare consumable, and assist hospitals and clinics to function in a smooth manner. Paragon Care have a wide range of procedural kits available to suit every need and are committed to providing high-quality supplies to assist clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

What is a procedural kit?

A procedural kit is a package containing goods used for medical and surgical processes. In most cases, at least one of the items is a medical device or a IVD device.

A first aid kit is an example of a common procedural kit. Containing a collection of medical consumables including bandages, pain-relief medication, cotton wool and sanitiser, a first aid kit is designed to be used in the initial treatment of an injury.

There are a range of more specialised kits available to medical professionals. In order for a package to be classified as a ‘procedural kit’, specific regulatory requirements must be met in accordance with medical device legislation.

What medical specialities use procedural kits?

Procedural kits are a vital tool and are used across all healthcare environments including surgery, ophthalmology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, DNA testing, heart and lung therapies and theatre. Standardised kits grant clinicians confidence in the types of tools they have on-hand, whilst customised kits are also a favoured option by professionals working in unique settings.

What types of tools and consumables are included in a procedural kit?

The types of medical consumables that are included in procedural kits depends on the type of kit that a clinician requires. For example, a sterile surgical kit may include clamps, drapes, sutures, needles, forceps, scalpels, gauze and dressings. An ophthalmic procedural kit, on the other hand, may contain instruments used for ophthalmic examination, diagnosis and treatment including scalpels, forceps, curved scissors, speculums and needle holders.

What types of procedural kits are offered by Paragon Care?

Paragon Care are proud to offer procedural kits for a wide range of medical specialties. We understand that clinicians rely on procedural kits to provide high quality and effective patient care, reducing prep time and allowing for an efficient clinical setup.

We recognise, too, that medical settings including clinics and hospitals require procedural kits to manage costs. Procedural kits reduce the need for clinical staff to spend time managing the inventory of individual items, making it easier for healthcare facilities to estimate budgets.

What other types of medical consumables does Paragon Care offer?

Beyond procedural kits, Paragon Care offers a wide range of medical consumables to suit the requirements of clinicians and healthcare professionals. We understand the importance of providing high quality consumables and our strong supply chains ensure the products you need are always well stocked.

  • Consumables available in our product line include:
  • Ultrasound probe covers that are used in radiology, point of care treatments, anaesthesiology and gynecology.
  • Needle guides to improve ultrasound visualisation and reduce procedure time.
  • Enteral feeding products to provide quality patient care to provide safe administration of oral medication and feeding of neonates.
  • IV sets and accessories that are used in emergency, surgery,anaesthesia, critical and intensive care units. This includes pharmacy products that can be used for admixing, compounding and provide protection from hazardous drugs.
  • Orthopaedic consumables such as single-use tourniquets, specialised equipment drapes and surgical hood systems to reduce the risk of infection
  • Infection control products to safeguard the health of both patients and clinicians.

Why should you choose Paragon Care for your consumable needs?

Our medical consumable portfolio is comprehensive and our associated businesses combine to a scale that allows us to meet your every need. Our medical products and consumables brands include Insight Surgical, Lovell Surgical Solutions, MediTron, REM SYSTEMS, Scanmedics, Surgical Specialities and Western Biomedical, and their combined experience and product range provides an unparalleled customer experience.

Beyond our product portfolio, our Service and Technology department prides themselves on the level of customer support that they are able to provide. Our dedicated call centre and nationwide team of over 50 engineers provides comprehensive assistance, understanding and industry knowledge. Paragon Care are committed to assisting you source quality medical consumables and providing complete support to achieve optimal patient outcomes.