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Enter any healthcare facility and you will be immediately greeted by an extensive variety of devices and equipment. Advancements made in medical technology has rapidly transformed the way in which patients are treated and the quality of healthcare that clinicians can provide.

Paragon Care understands that our clients are always searching for medical devices and solutions to improve patient care. As such, our Technology and Connectivity portfolio provides the answers to many client queries, with a variety of monitoring and communication-based solutions to suit every need.

Technology in healthcare

Technology and healthcare go hand in hand. This is not only true in our modern, digitally driven world but has been the case throughout history.

One of the first medical devices was the stethoscope, invented all the way back in 1816 by a French physician called René Laennec. Laennec’s invention was not particularly technical — being just an ear trumpet that was pressed to the chest — but it demonstrates one of the first instances where humans sought to investigate what was going on inside the body using specially built instruments.

Medical devices have come a long way since then. These days, we rely on innovative technology to diagnose, measure, monitor, and treat all manner of bodily functions. Healthcare technology is an ever-growing field — one strictly regulated due to the immense impact that devices can have on the health and safety of both patients and clinicians.

Paragon Care’s product portfolio

As a leading provider of medical equipment, devices, and consumables, Paragon Care is at the forefront of emerging and innovative technology. Our product range is extensive and covers all aspects of clinical care.

Technology is not only harnessed for devices designed to diagnose and treat patients. It also plays an important role in facilitating communication within a healthcare setting.

Paragon Care — and their associated brands — offer a wide range of products designed to assist clinicians provide quality patient care. This includes:

Nurse call systems

Nurse call systems are an integral to any healthcare facility, enabling patients to quickly contact nurses and request assistance. They are commonly used in aged care settings to grant patients a certain level of freedom whilst also ensuring carers are within reach.

CCTV systems

It’s not often discussed but security of healthcare facilities is very important. Through appropriately placed CCTV systems, healthcare providers can ensure that the safety and privacy of their patients and visitors is respected.

Access control systems

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have secure areas for a reason. Access control systems enable you to efficiently control which clinicians, patients, and visitors are allowed to access the areas of your facility through proximity readers, key pads, and swipe card readers.

Voice communication systems

Effective communication is the cornerstone of quality healthcare. As such, voice communication systems are essential if clinicians are to treat patients in a timely and appropriate manner.

Partner with Paragon Care for your technology needs

Paragon Care has an extensive history of providing our clients with the latest in quality healthcare equipment. Our Technology and Connectivity team — including our brand, Total Communications — work to ensure your patients and clinicians have access to the communication and monitoring systems they need.

In addition to our technology portfolio, we are proud to offer our clients an extensive range of medical devices used across all specialities. Contact us today to find out more.

Healthcare Technology Products from Total Communications

Digital healthcare solutions provided by our brand, Total Communications, covers a product portfolio including:

  • Nurse call systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Voice communication systems
  • CARM solutions

For further information on our Technology and Connectivity product portfolio, please contact our Total Communications team on 1300 726 226 or email


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