Paragon Care: Medical Device Experts

The purchase, maintenance and upkeep of medical devices is a complex responsibility, particularly as patient health and wellbeing depends upon it. Clinicians rely on the smooth functioning of equipment to diagnose, monitor and treat their patients and must have confidence in a device’s ability to provide accurate and timely information.

Medical device providers have a responsibility to their customers to ensure that all equipment, products and consumables function correctly and meet regulatory standards. With a growing demand for medical devices, particularly those used to treat age-related diseases and chronic pain, research suggests that the Australian medical device sector is set to undergo unprecedented growth over the next decade.

With this in mind, it is important that clinicians, healthcare providers and those responsible for the purchase of medical devices align themselves with suppliers who understand the market and are committed to their customers’ needs. Paragon Care are recognised as a leading provider of equipment, devices, diagnostic products and consumables — and with good reason. Our proven ability to provide advanced solutions facilitates both streamlined procedures and improved patient outcomes, our knowledge of the medical device market is second to none and our products span a wide array of specialties.

Paragon Care’s areas of expertise include:

Critical care

Treating patients with severe conditions requires advanced technology and specialised, around the clock attention. Clinicians working in intensive care wards depend on equipment to monitor vital signs, stabilize a patient’s condition and conduct life-saving operations.

Paragon Care understands the necessity of providing point-of-care assistance within a critical care environment. Our clinical solutions are suited for anaesthetists, intensivists, cardiac vascular and pain management specialists and our equipment offerings — including point-of-care ultrasound systems in partnership with BK Medical — provide crucial support for clinicians in high-risk situations.


Diagnostics can occur across a range of medical settings and are a crucial element of comprehensive patient care. Healthcare professionals and scientists working in a diagnostic setting rely on equipment, reagents and services to advance diagnostic capabilities and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Paragon Care’s diagnostic range is extensive, servicing areas including autoimmunity, microbiology, urinalysis, diabetes and fertility. Our diagnostic brands — immulab, immuno and LabGear Australia — provide a combined scope that allows us to supply high quality, reliable diagnostic devices, supported by comprehensive customer service.

Eye care

Ophthalmology and optometry are intricate specialities and years of training combined with advanced technological devices allows clinicians to treat a wide variety of eye-related conditions.

Paragon’s eye care portfolio combines the expertise of four of our brands — Designs for Vision, Insight Surgical, Lovell Surgical Solutions and Scanmedic — to provide a range of innovative diagnostic, treatment and surgical equipment for patients of all ages.

Medical products & consumables

An essential instrument of medical care, medical products and consumables are used across a wide variety of settings including hospitals, alternate site care facilities, nursing homes and in-home care.

Paragon Care’s medical product & consumable line includes ultrasound probe covers, needle guides, enteral feeding devices, products for infusion therapy and infection control, and procedure specific kits for all healthcare specialties.


Neonatal and paediatric care requires specialised devices to treat young patients — not simply smaller versions of adult-sized products. The complex and multi-faceted nature of neonatal care is well understood by Paragon Care.

Our product range includes devices dedicated to brain monitoring, temperature management, neonatal vision and hearing screening. Understanding how important those early days are for creating a bond between child and family, Paragon Care and ScanMedic (our partnered business) also provide NICU video monitoring services.


Many people will require the assistance of an orthopaedist throughout their life — whether it be for a hip, knee or shoulder replacement, to treat arthritis or undergo spinal surgery. As with all specialties, orthopaedists rely on products designed to assist with infection control, pain management and surgical consumables.

Paragon Care offers a wide range of orthopaedic solutions suitable for all ages, including specialised services for paediatric patients. Our partnered businesses — MediTron, REM SYSTEMS and Surgical Specialties — are experts in the types of equipment required for both traditional and innovative treatment options (including biologics) and provide products that deliver strong clinical outcomes.


Surgical devices is a broad descriptor that refers to equipment and products used for infection control, pain management, temperature management and enteral feeding within a surgical setting.

Paragon Care’s commitment to their customers ensures that our products — including BK Ultrasound and high powered lasers for soft tissue operations — provide clinicians with the ability to facilitate positive surgical outcomes.


Urological diseases affect a large proportion of the population and the development of innovative devices to treat urological conditions is an expanding area within the medical device sector.

Paragon Care are the Australian partner for BK Medical, industry leaders in urology, surgery and endoanal procedures. Our portfolio includes innovative equipment such as the Dornier MedTech Holmium Lasers and Shockwave Therapy as well as BK Ultrasounds. Urological care also depends on the provision of consumables (needle guides, covers, biopsy grids and closed systems transfer devices), and products for pain management and infection control — all of which Paragon Care can supply.


Our animal friends also depend upon advanced equipment to meet specialist medical needs. Point-of-care diagnostics improve the ability of veterinarians to provide roving and reliable care whilst a range of devices are available to quickly and effectively treat all types of animals.

Paragon Care and REM SYSTEMS cater for the needs of veterinarians through the supply of leading edge solutions. Our full range of products — including Multi Radiance Medical Lasers, Equashield Closed System Transfer Devices and infusion therapy products — are developed with the needs of both patient and clinician in mind.


As important as the supply of these devices is the level of customer support provided by medical device companies. Paragon Care is committed to providing product, system and application related services throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset with the help of our dedicated technical support call centre and over 50 engineers across Australia and New Zealand.

Regardless of your requirements, Paragon Care is sure to have a solution for you.