Lovell Surgical Cross-Business Collaboration for COVID Kits Supply

On 11 September 2020, Lovell Surgical collectively worked towards delivering the first 18,000 of 816,000 (so far) COVID-19 Swab Kits with their partner 3DMEDiTech to the Department Of Health in Victoria. It has been an amazing effort to get to this point. Now the fun really starts.


Fascinating process and cutting edge innovation and development.

The University of Melbourne has brought together industry partners and researchers for the development of an Australian-first; locally manufactured 3D printed nasal swab for coronavirus (COVID-19) testing.

3DMEDiTECH, a partner of the University’s Australian Research Council Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies (ARC CMIT), has produced the swabs to respond to increased Australian demand for COVID-19 testing.

First Batch On The Truck

The first 18,000 that left on the truck with 3DMEDiTech CEO, Grant Enders. [Image: supplied] 

3DMEDiTech is the manufacturer on the label, however Lovell Surgical is undertaking the packaging process. 3DMEDiTech CEO Grant Enders and COO Eric Bert greatly appreciate the Lovell Surgical team effort. Following is a link to the press release from the Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP.


Link to Article

3D Printed Swabs For COVID Testing

The basket and the swabs (100pcs per basket) get printed inside the outer basket and they print about 60 baskets or 6,000 swabs in 19 hrs in one batch (it is about 800mm deep). They have also procured an extra machine which was flown in from Germany to double the capacity out of their facility in Port Melbourne. [Image from UniMelb article]

The article also includes video media that includes interviews on the design process for the swabs.


Link to Article

On the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods by the TGA as part of COVID-19 test kits


This innovation speaks to the benefits of collaboration involving universities, hospital partners and commercial companies. Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP has announced the swabs will be added to the National Medical Stockpile with the first delivery of the swab test kits.

Great work to all and let’s look forward to more orders.


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