Looking for a Medical Device Provider? Try Paragon Care

Without medical devices, doctors and nurses would be largely left in the dark when it comes to diagnosing and treating diseases. It’s hard to imagine a functional medical industry without the innovative equipment and consumable products that we have come to rely so heavily upon. Billions of dollars are poured into medical device development and manufacturing every year, with some astounding results.

Take an ultrasound machine, for example. The technology required to operate such a device was largely developed during World War II. While ultrasound machines were commercially available from the 1960s, the equipment of that era bears little resemblance to devices of today. Ultrasound machines have been reduced and refined to the point where they are now considered to be a bedside (point-of-care) medical device.

This is just one example of the degree to which medical technology has impacted healthcare. As a leading medical device provider, Paragon Care has been on the forefront of evolving technology. We pride ourselves on our wide-ranging product portfolio and our ability to provide customers with personalised, tailored recommendations and advice.

Product portfolio

Our experience in the medical technology industry has led us to develop a comprehensive product portfolio, designed to suit the extensive and ever-developing needs of the medical community.

Critical care

Few specialities rely on medical devices more than critical care. Paragon Care provides a range of products and devices that are used to monitor patient vital signs, look for signs of internal damage, and reduce the level of pain experienced by patients who are suffering from significant injuries.


It takes more than a trained eye to discern what is wrong with a patient. Laboratory and pathology equipment is critical to help clinicians provide an accurate diagnosis that can be used to inform treatment options. Paragon Care’s associated brands, including Immulab, LabGear Australia, and Immuno, have all your diagnostic needs covered.

Eye care

It will come as little surprise that clinicians working in the optometry and ophthalmology industries rely on access to diagnostic and surgical products. Paragon Care’s knowledge of these industries has led to the development of specialty procedural kits, alongside other equipment and therapeutic products that are used to provide timely treatment.

Medical products and consumables

No hospital, aged care home, or medical clinic is complete without consumables. We often underestimate the importance of these disposal products. From ultrasound probe covers to hospital grade disinfectant products, Paragon Care is your one-stop provider for medical consumables.


Infant and paediatric patients often require specialist tools and equipment to detect and treat potentially life threatening diseases. Many of Paragon Care’s brands specialise in the development and production of these devices, making us an industry leading in neonatal care.


Mobility is one of the most sought-after medical outcomes for patients of all ages and conditions. Paragon Care’s extensive range of diagnostic and surgical products can help clinicians navigate all types of orthopaedic conditions and injuries, from arthroplasty to non-surgical biologic therapies.


The term ‘surgical’ instantly brings to mind specialist products designed to facilitate complex operations. Paragon Care understands the risks that are often associated with surgery and as such, provides our clients with a wide range of devices and products that are designed to ensure surgical procedures are as safe and hygienic as possible.

Technology & connectivity

Technological innovations have propelled the medical industry forward through not only improvements made to equipment but also the development of communications systems that facilitate increased workplace efficiency. Total Communications, a Paragon Care brand, specialises in communication and IT systems that are designed to improve patient safety and operational performance.


Given the complex and minute nature of the urological system, it comes as no surprise that medical devices play an important role in diagnosis and treatment. From multifunctional urology workstations to closed system transfer devices, our portfolio of high-end urology products make a genuine difference to patient outcomes.


It’s not just humans that benefit from medical device research and development. Access to veterinary equipment is critical in the treatment of wild and domesticated animals. Point of care devices facilitate treatment in remote and rural locations while therapeutic lasers can provide minimally invasive treatment.

As you can tell, Paragon Care is committed to providing our customers with a one-stop solution to all their medical device and equipment needs. If you manage a healthcare facility and are interested in obtaining specific product information, contact our knowledgeable customer service team today.