LabGear Australia Exclusive Australian Distributor - Implen NanoPhotometer

LabGear Australia is the proud exclusive Australian distributor of the Implen NanoPhotometer®. These precise, mobile and powerful units cover all your spectroscopy requirements of small volumes, for determining the concentration of DNA, RNA, Proteins plus Kinetics, standard curves, scanning and standard measurements of absorbance.

Unmatched features of the NanoPhotometer® include being calibration-free for the life of the instrument due to sample compression True Path Technology™. This ensure measurements are made independent of the sample surface tension, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements in approx. 3.5 seconds of the smallest sample volumes.

With full scan capability range from 200 - 900 nm for rapid and complete sample analysis in as little as 1.7 seconds per sample, the NanoPhotometer® N120 record breaking design will exceed expectations. Measure 96 samples up to 126 times faster with 33% less operational steps required when compared to other scanning measurement methods like e.g. microplate readers. In addition to saving hands-on time with the one step Auto Sample Feature, you attain detailed information for each sample – including full high resolution scan results along with sample purity ratios.

Featuring 7" Colour Touchscreen


The unit offers the flexibility in its control from either the 7" colour touchscreen, computer, smartphone or tablet plus an on board vortex mixer to ensure homogeneous samples prior to being measured.

From the NP80 (nano-volume, cuvette and vortex), N60 (nano-volume only) to the C40 (cuvette only), the compact design, ease of use, longevity and proven reliability with samples as little as 0.3 uL ensure the Implen Nanophotometer is perfect for your diverse laboratory needs.

Measurement of 12 Samples Simultaneously


With the recent release of the N120 offering unsurpassed accuracy in measurement of 1-12 samples simultaneously, including a suite of options to assist in compliance to the highest regulatory standards, this class leading instrument is packed with all the features of the single channel instruments and more.

This includes speed, accuracy, ease of use, extensive applications, calibration and maintenance free for the life of the instrument.