Infection Control in Medical Surgical Supplies

Never before has infection control in healthcare settings been so important. The highly contagious nature of the Covid-19 virus has sparked much discussion around methods of infection control, the standards of disinfection products and methods through which healthcare workers and patients can be protected against disease transmission.

Infection control is crucial across all healthcare specialities, including medical surgical supplies. Patients undergoing surgery often are more susceptible to pathogens due to their weakened immune system and depend on systematic use of hospital grade disinfectant products to protect themselves. Infection control also plays a valuable role in protecting clinicians, nurses and hospital workers from microbes they may come into contact with whilst treating patients.

Infection control in a surgical setting can refer to many processes; from something as simple as washing your hands to the use of advanced robotic decontamination systems. Disinfection to a hospital-grade standard is a complex process that requires the interplay of many tools and systematic processes.

Paragon Care grants peace of mind for clinicians and patients with innovative hospital disinfection products and consumables of the highest standard. Our disinfection products are used across all healthcare settings and we understand the particular importance they play within a surgical environment.


What kinds of products are used in infection control?

Infection control in a healthcare environment is often undertaken through a risk-management approach to minimise or prevent the risk of transmission.

Broadly, infection control can refer to:

  • Hand hygiene: Includes hand washing (with soap and water) and hand rubbing (with an alcohol based rub. The World Health Organisation suggests that hand hygiene should be practised at five crucial moments within a healthcare setting: before touching a client, before performing a procedure, after performing a procedure or exposure to body fluids, after touching a client and after touching the environment around a client.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE refers to products designed to protect a healthcare worker from exposure to blood and body fluids. It can include gloves, gowns and aprons, masks, eye protection and face shields.
  • Environmental control: The proper disinfection of environmental surfaces, equipment and other frequently touched surfaces is essential to reduce the chance of infection.

Why is infection control important within a surgical environment?

The surgical setting presents many opportunities for cross-contamination and infection. The type of procedure, the individual characteristics of the patient (age, condition, immune status) and the clinical environment are all factors that act to determine the likelihood of infection occurring.

Infection control in a surgical environment is a crucial element of patient care. Patients who come into contact with pathogens, in their weakened-immune state, often suffer serious complications arising from treatment which can significantly increase the length of their hospital stay.


What infection control products does Paragon Care offer for surgical workers?

Our hospital grade disinfectant products are designed to provide peace of mind and reduce the risk of pathogen bioburden levels endangering patients.

Partnering with several of our brands — including REM SYSTEMS, Surgical Specialties and MediTron — we strive to provide products and consumables of the highest industry standard to aid in the prevention of healthcare associated infection.

Surgical Specialties, one of Australia’s largest independent distributors of contemporary medical devices, offer a wide range of advanced disinfectant products that work to innovatively and effectively reduce pathogen levels. Several of their products harness advanced technology to provide remote disinfection and reduce the risk posed to healthcare workers.

The THOR UVCⓇ is a UV-C emitting robot that harnesses room mapping and shadow reduction technology to deliver rapid and effective doses of constant wave of UV-C. 360 degree room scanning technology delivers a measured output of UV-C from multiple angles to maximise treatment coverage. With automatic decontamination reporting and a tested 99.9% bacterial kill time, the THOR UVCⓇ is unparalleled in its ability to efficiently decontaminate surface and air-borne infections.

Alongside the THOR UVCⓇ, Surgical Specialities offers the IlluviaⓇ HUAIRS which provides portable, low-noise and in-room UV-C and HEPA air decontamination. The IlluviaⓇ HUAIRS patented UV photolytic chamber decontaminates harmful pathogens at high air volumes to reduce airborne bacteria, odours and volatile organic compounds. .

The ability of THOR UVCⓇ and IlluviaⓇ HUAIRS to decontaminate both surface and airborne sources of infection is a critical component of healthcare disinfection processes. Paragon Care are committed to remaining at the forefront of advancements in this area and understand the absolute importance of infection control in medical surgical supplies.


What other medical specialities does Paragon Care offer infection control products for?

As a leading provider of medical equipment, devices, diagnostic products and consumables, Paragon Care offers products for the use of infection control across a wide array of specialties. Critical care, orthopaedics and urology are just a few examples of the areas through which we work to provide advanced, hospital-grade disinfectant equipment and products.


Why should you choose Paragon Care for medical surgical supplies?

Beyond infection control, Paragon Care offers a wide range of supplies, consumables and devices to be used in a surgical setting. The term surgery often prompts an image of complex equipment and devices, and whilst Paragon Care does provide advanced surgical equipment — including high powered BK Medical lasers and ultrasound equipment — we also understand the importance of comprehensive care for all surgical patients.

Our surgical portfolio also includes tools to be used in pain management, infusion therapy, temperature management and enteral feeding. Our experience has led us to develop procedure-specific procedural kits for all areas including surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology, heart and lung therapies and theatre.

Beyond the equipment, supplies and consumables that we offer, Paragon Care strives to provide all-inclusive services for our clients. Our business is based around our four strategic pillars (Specialty Diagnostics, Specialty Devices, Capital and Consumables and Service and Technology) to comprehensively service the needs of our customers. Our expert team of engineers are on hand to support the performance of your equipment through repair, maintenance and total equipment management. Should you require medical surgical supplies, particularly in the area of infection control, be sure to contact us today.