Infection Control Consumables, Equipment, and Supplies

In simple terms, an infection occurs when a foreign organism enters your body, resulting in disease. These organisms can include both viruses and bacteria, as well as fungi and parasites.

The symptoms arising from an infection typically range in severity from causing mild discomfort to being life-threatening.

Common infections include:

  • Flu
  • Chickenpox
  • Strep throat
  • Ringworm
  • Malaria

While these tend to be easily treated, more complex infections including HIV and polio are very serious.

Infections can be acquired in all sorts of ways, presenting a unique and on-going challenge for healthcare professionals. In fact, infection occurring in a healthcare setting — whether that be through contact from other patients or from equipment and instruments themselves, is a significant problem.

Paragon Care understands the challenges faced by clinicians and are committed to providing quality products to aid in infection control.

Consumables, equipment, and supplies used in infection control

Infection can occur at any stage of the treatment process, making it a complex issue. Approaching the problem with a risk-management mindset can protect healthcare workers, patients, and visitors alike. Professional healthcare bodies, such as the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, recommend using a two-tiered approach to infection management.

This approach is made up of ‘standard precautions’ — built around the assumption that all people potentially carry diseased microorganisms — and ‘transmission-based precautions’ , which are used in addition to standard precautions when it is believed that a patient may be suffering from a particularly severe form of infection, such as scabies.

A range of consumables, healthcare equipment, and supplies facilitate these precautions. Paragon Care has an extensive portfolio of capital and consumable products that can be used to prevent infection transmission across the following key areas:


The urological system is prone to infection, which is why many patients end up requiring treatment in the first place. Equipment used in urology-related diagnosis and treatment — such as ultrasounds — require unique consumables to reduce the risk of patient-to-patient transmission. These consumables, which include non latex ultrasound probe covers prevent cross-contamination to ensure a safer, more hygienic patient experience.


Patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments often suffer from a weakened immune system, making them far more susceptible to infection.

Paragon Care and their associated brand, REM SYSTEMS, understand the unique difficulties experienced by cancer patients. Equashield — a closed system transfer device — is favoured by many of our customers working in urology, as it protects both clinicians and patients alike from the risks associated with hazardous drug leaks, sprays, and aerosol that can be leaked during chemotherapy drug preparation, administration, and disposal.


Surgical site infection (SSI) is a significant problem that can lead to prolonged recovery times and further health complications. There are a range of consumables on offer that can reduce the risk of SSI infection, including procedure specific surgical kits that can be disposed of after use.

Pain management is also an essential aspect of surgical treatment. Paragon Care offers a range of anaesthesia delivery systems, needle guides, and speciality covers to reduce the risk of infection transmission in a recovery environment.

Now more so than ever, infection control is a foremost concern for healthcare workers and patients. Fortunately, Paragon Care’s extensive range of consumables, equipment, and supplies can be used to effectively manage the risk of infection, contributing to improved patient care. Contact us today to discuss our full portfolio of products.