Guide to Medical Equipment Calibration

In a perfect world, equipment would remain accurate and functional from the day you buy it to the day you decide you no longer need it. Unfortunately, technology is not quite at that point yet, which is why medical equipment technicians offer a service known as calibration.

Calibration is the process of ensuring that medical equipment is running to an industry standard. It provides clinicians with confidence that the diagnostic information they’re obtaining is accurate and can be used to make informed decisions regarding treatment.

As an established medical equipment supplier, maintenance and repair is just one of the medical equipment services that Paragon Care offers, in addition to providing tailored advice regarding our equipment and device portfolio.

What is calibration?

Calibration is defined as “the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those under a calibration standard of known accuracy.” Medical equipment is no different to any other type of technology in that over time, wear and tear and environmental factors affect both accuracy and functionality.

Medical equipment calibration confirms that your equipment is performing as expected. It’s different from regular maintenance, which may check for faulty parts or involve general cleaning. Calibration involves testing the machine against the manufacturer's baseline readings. The manufacturer will most likely build some sort of function into the device that makes performing this test relatively simple. There are specific actions that the technician can take should the results fall outside the expected range.

Many types of equipment have a calibration schedule, similar to a maintenance schedule, so that technicians can pick up on issues before the device begins giving information that is completely inaccurate.

Why is calibration important?

These days, the diagnosis of most medical conditions will be confirmed with a test of some kind, whether it’s a blood sample or a screening. Clinicians rely on this information to make informed treatment decisions. They take for granted that the equipment is functional and accurate.

Simply put, without proper equipment calibration, you are putting patient safety and wellbeing at risk.

In addition, as a healthcare provider, you may have legal responsibilities when it comes to the calibration and maintenance of equipment. These are designed to protect not only patients but also doctors and nurses, who have to assume that equipment has been correctly monitored and maintained.

Staying on top of your maintenance requirements

As a healthcare manager, you no doubt have a lot on your plate. Organising repair and maintenance of equipment should be a top priority, but that doesn’t mean you have time to be chasing up technicians.

As an experienced provider of medical equipment supplies, Paragon Care aims to make this process easy. Our medical equipment services are comprehensive and include maintenance, repair, and warranty. We understand that medical equipment is a considerable investment for your business and aim to support you throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset.

Our service team is made up of over 50 trained technicians who understand the importance of accuracy. We also recognise that non-functional equipment can have a significant impact on your ability to look after patients, and so strive to provide timely and efficient repair services.

All of our work is carried out by certified technicians trained to manufacturer's certification, so you can be confident that our service is of the highest standard. In addition to repair and maintenance, our dedicated customer call centre is on hand to answer any questions you might have about warranty or contract options.

The safety and wellbeing of your patients is too important to risk. Contact Paragon Care today to learn more about our product portfolio, range of medical equipment supplies, and our well rounded service offerings.