The Advantages of Sourcing Medical Supplies in Australia

The Australian population enjoys high standards of medical treatment, driven by a variety of factors including a prolonged investment in innovative technologies and rigorous training and education. The Australian medical sector is often at the forefront of pioneering equipment and as a result, has developed extensive and healthy medical supply chains.

As a leading provider of equipment and medical supplies in Australia, Paragon Care is an excellent example in the many advantages that can come from working with a world-class supplier of medical and scientific resources and devices.


Why go local?

There are many reasons to utilise a local supplier of healthcare equipment and technology.



Quality is one of the most important factors when sourcing medical supplies, as it directly affects patient care and health outcomes. It is critical that you are assured of the quality of your investment, which is why it makes sense to align yourself with a local provider who falls under Australian governmental regulations.

Medical supplies in Australia are of the highest manufacturing quality and Paragon Care’s knowledge of the industry has led to an informed commitment to sourcing and providing these high-standard products across multiple areas of healthcare.



Service and support is a critical aspect of the medical equipment industry. Given the large investment that medical equipment can represent, it is vital that the buyer receives appropriate support for the entire lifetime of an asset. This includes warranty work, medical equipment maintenance, and device repair.

A reputable manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment and devices will be able to provide assistance from highly trained engineers and technicians, who are familiar with the product and the working environment. Local providers will also be in the position to offer excellent, immediate customer support including call centre assistance for both pre and post-sales support.

Paragon Care is proud to support their customers with all product, system and application related enquiries via a dedicated technical support call centre and over 50 service engineers across Australia and New Zealand.


Trust and values

There is more to a company than the products they provide. Equally as important is aligning yourself with a brand that has integrity and values. A business that takes the time to develop a positive working culture and image will inherently care about the quality of their products and the client experience.

Paragon Care values their customer relationships. Through the core principles of integrity, transparency, customer-focus, teamwork and accountability they aim to provide the right solution to every situation.



Sourcing medical supplies in Australia grants you added, valuable flexibility. Not only will the provider be more immediate to your needs, they also understand the local market and can quickly respond to changing conditions.

Paragon Care owned brands create a combined scale that allows us to act as a wider business whilst maintaining focus on specialty areas. We understand the unique environment of the Australian healthcare sector and have the resources at our disposal to provide wide ranging, complementary care.



Finally, supporting local suppliers of medical products, consumables and equipment ensures the strength and longevity of the manufacturing industry. Paragon Care brings together a range of complementary businesses, the combined scale of which allows us to not only serve the needs of our clients but act as a leading figure in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare market.

Paragon Care is a leading provider of equipment, devices, and consumables to the healthcare market. Our combined agility and local experience allows us to provide tailored solutions to all of your healthcare equipment and consumable needs, supporting our vision to streamline procedures and improve patient outcomes. Be sure to visit our medical products and consumables portfolio for more information about our extensive range of high-quality products.