Lake Macquarie Private Hospital first bkFusion site in Australia.

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital is the first site in Australia to benefit from the use of bkFusion, a new prostate biopsy imaging system from BK Ultrasound. bkFusion is BK Ultrasound’s ground breaking solution for improving biopsy targeting in prostate cancer.

Diagnosing prostate cancer can be a challenge, and conventional, systematic biopsies are often inconclusive, raising risks of missing high-grade tumours or under-staging lesions for active surveillance.

Targeting subtle prostate lesions for biopsy is difficult with ultrasound alone. bkFusion seamlessly overlays MR image information with lesion location onto real-time ultrasound images, without the need for an additional workstation. This improves workflow and minimizes the system’s footprint, which are significant benefits for the urologist performing biopsies in the office.

bkFusion is a powerful advancement in diagnostic visualization that combines powerful real-time ultrasound imaging with data about lesion extent and location from MRI. By seamlessly fusing MRI information onto real-time ultrasound images without interruptions to workflow, bkFusion provides urologists guidance to help accurately and quickly target and biopsy lesions.

BK Ultrasound has partnered with MIM Software Inc., a market-leading imaging solution provider for radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuroimaging and cardiac imaging, to create bkFusion.

The innovative software builds on MIM’s unique Predictive Fusion technology to enable the urologist to precisely biopsy MR-defined targets in less time and with more accuracy than a traditional ultrasound-only biopsy approach.

Intuitive Workflow

With an intuitive workflow and small footprint, the bk3000 and bkFusion enable fast and reliable disease management for all urologists. Complementing MIM’s leadership in medical image processing for cancer visualization with bk Ultrasounds strength in specialty ultrasound has created a solution our customers have been looking for.

Unlike current solutions for MRI-fusion where the focus is on MRI, bkFusion brings real-time ultrasound to the centre of the workflow. The MR information helps point urologists more precisely to their target, and the prostate image quality provided by the bk3000 helps urologists visualize and revalidate subtle lesions.

Guided by real time MRI images, under the direction of the radiologist, the results offer a significant degree of confidence over traditional biopsy methods.