Introducing the new neoBLUE Compact LED Phototherapy

Scanmedics is pleased to announce that the new neoBLUE compact LED phototherapy system from Natus is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

The neoBLUE compact provides intensive blue light in a versatile and efficient design for treating newborn jaundice. It has been designed with convenience and ease of use in mind.

  • The system features suction cup feet allowing it to be used in multiple configurations – secured to the top of an incubator or with a roll stand for use with a bassinet or radiant warmer.
  • With an inbuilt handle and weighing only 1.2kg it is lightweight and easy to move
  • The two intensity settings and inbuilt neutral white exam light ensure the neoBLUE compact provides a cost and space effective solution
  • 12 blue LEDs are mixed with small amount of light from 9 white LEDs to soften appearance while maintaining treatment efficacy
  • By providing over 40,000 hours of use at high intensity the neoBLUE Compact LEDs reduce costly and time-consuming bulb replacements

To find out more contact Scanmedics on 02 9882 2088.