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Scanmedics, A Paragon Care brand, will launch the all new bkSpecto urology ultrasound system at the APCC conference in Brisbane on the 22nd August.

The new bkSpecto urology ultrasound system is the latest member of the BK Ultrasound product family. It comes complete with what you’d expect from a BK system — superior imaging capabilities that enable real-time image guidance with an easy-to-use, mobile platform — plus a few new things. Launching first into the urology market, the bkSpecto brings a new level of intuitiveness and ease of use to our customers.


Superior Image Quality

bkSpecto delivers high-resolution images with superb anatomical details enabled by a new faster processor and advanced auto-optimisation algorithms.

Customised Workflow

With an intuitive, rapid, touch-based guided interface, bkSpecto enables faster exams and its configurable layout helps eliminate the learning curve encountered because of changing staff. Additionally, the sealed glass keyboard enables ‘sightless navigation’ through our Tru-Sense™ technology and is much easier to clean than traditional ultrasound keyboards.

Custom-Fit Clinical Design

Change the orientation of the high-resolution monitor to best suit your needs. Use portrait view for dual imaging or landscape view to see your images side-by-side. You may also adjust the keyboard angle and system height to suit your needs.

Advanced Urology Transducer Portfolio

bkSpecto is compatible with an extensive range of BK’s sterilisable transducers designed for urologists, including our unique triplane prostate transducer.

This new ultrasound machine brings together BK’s outstanding image quality with a unique, easy-to-use interface and intuitive workflow that helps urologists work better and more efficiently.

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